A Fool´s Play

Direct adjacent within the walls of the castle courtyard the shenanigans of the citizens of Schilda (a fictious town of fools whose mythology traces back to the Middle Ages) will be on a display in the rollicking DIE SCHILDBÜRGER, a German comedy „play of fools“ guaranteed to amuse!


Production by Martin Nimz

Premiere: 12 June 2021

The people from Schilda are famous for their cleverness. That's why their advice is in demand all over the world. And so it happens that more and more of them have less and less time for the concerns of Schilda and their own family. This cannot go on! But what should they do to be left alone by the outside world? Only one thing helps: play dumb! Soon Schilda is known and feared beyond the country's borders as the city of fools.

But hanging up their cleverness is only the beginning of a quick succession of ever new challenges for the citizens of Schilda to master. Fortunately, they are never at a loss for an outlandish idea to solve a problem: The construction of a triangular town hall without windows, the cultivation of salt by means of salt sowing or the hiding of the town hall bell never to be seen again in the deep lake are among the most famous "Schildbürger pranks".

This season, acting director Martin Nimz is staging the first open-air performance at the SCHLOSSFESTSPIELE SCHWERIN. Together with the acting ensemble, he revives the hilarious and ambiguous Schildbürger pranks - beside Till Eulenspiegel the most popular collection of German rogue stories - in the courtyard of Schwerin Castle. In the imposing castle yard, the audacious play of the citizens of Schilda begins. They reach the pain threshold with wit and madness, wavering between civic duty and private interest - and their fate shows that stupid and clever behaviour is sometimes only a question of interpretation, but never without consequences. And certainly our beautiful state capital has to offer one or the other stage-ready Schildbürger prank. Because: Schilda is everywhere!



Production Martin Nimz
Stage Set Joachim Hamster Damm
Costume Jutta Kreischer
Music Raphael Käding
Dramaturgy Jennifer Bischoff / Nina Steinhilber
Stage Management Christine Curth
Directing Assistance Oliver Schneider
Rehearsal Prompt Agnieszka Sommer
Dramaturgy Internship Anna-Lena Jantzen
Kaiserin (Empress) Antje Trautmann
Jeremias Punktum, town clerk Jochen Fahr
Margaret Punktum, editor of "Schildaer Volkszeitung" Katrin Heinrich
Susanne Hechelmann, mayoress Julia Keiling
Paul,  Inn keeper of the hostel Benjamin Kramme
Peter, Inn keeper of the hostel Martin Neuhaus
Kalbfell, butcher Marko Dyrlich
Johanna Kalbfell, butcher Christina Berger
Sauerbrot, baker Christoph Götz
Siebenkäs, tailor Frank Wiegard
Quast, carpenter Vincent Heppner
Jonathan Widerborst, pig farmer and new mayor Robert Höller
Anna Blume, gardener Jennifer Sabel
Stadtpfeifer Dudel, director of music/ attendant  Raphael Käding
courier / architect / carpenter/ driving student / chancellor  Axel Sichrovsky
Extras of the Mecklenburg State Theatre