Artistic and Architectural Lighthouse in Northern Germany

The Mecklenburg State Theatre is one of the great traditional stages in northern Germany. The historic theatre building at the Alter Garten is the main venue and enriches the magnificent, architecturally unique ensemble of Schwerin Castle and State Museum, which has been applied for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Music theatre, drama, ballet, the Mecklenburg State Orchestra Schwerin, the Low-German Fritz-Reuter-Stage and the Young State Theatre Parchim unite the Mecklenburg State Theatre to form an artistic lighthouse in the small but fine state capital and in Parchim, which attracts visitors from the region and also a national audience every year. The SCHLOSSFESTSPIELE SCHWERIN, which are held from June onwards in the unsurpassed architectural ensemble vis-à-vis the castle and at the same time form the artistic and touristic highlight of the summer, attract international attention.

The theatre in Schwerin, built in 1886, has been extensively restored in the recent years. A new stage technology now makes even technically complex productions possible. In the auditorium of the Great House, new theatre chairs offer around 600 visitors pleasant seating comfort. The parquet foyer has regained its original representative character and is now used as a "gallery in the theatre" for exciting and varied exhibitions. The house is also proud of the restored concert hall, which opens its magnificent gates to chamber and salon music, readings such as matinees and is gladly booked for business or private meetings in a stylish setting.

Picturesquely situated on the Pfaffenteich pond, the State Theatre in Schwerin has two further venues: the E-Werk and the E-Werk Studio. The historic E-Werk building houses a stage with 100 seats. In the E-Werk Studio, the unfinished, the spontaneous and the aberrant are explored together. What burns under the nails is brought to the stage and is presented to around 60 spectators.

At the Parchim location, the theatre restaurant and the painting hall as well as the Great Hall of the Parchim Town Hall are used as stages. In the future there will be a completely new and modern headquarter for the Fritz-Reuter-Stage and theYoung State Theatre in Parchim with the Eldemühle.