June 11th – July 10th 2021

Alter Garten


She was the pride of the sea and was considered to be technically perfect, but she sank on her first trip and dragged her thousand passengers down with her. The sinking of the "Titanic" on April 15, 1912 in the North Atlantic has stood for the burst of the dream of unlimited feasibility ever since. In the fatal collision of the giant ship that was considered unsinkable with the forces of nature still show 110 years after its launch, where the blind belief in progress, gigantomania, speed mania, greed for records and profits can lead to.

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June 12th – July 10th 2021



The citizens of Schilda suffer heavily from their wisdom, because their ingenuity and wise advice are so heavily requested, that they just can't live in peace. There's only one thing to do. Act stupid. And so they devise a series of roguish pranks to prove to the world that they're stupid. They bring light in sacks and buckets into the darkness of the town hall, sow salt or attempt to relocate a bell that was sunk in the lake and those are just a few of their famous follies.

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