These General Terms and Conditions apply between the Mecklenburg State Theatre and its visitors and customers. With the purchase of an admission ticket or the conclusion of a subscription contract, the General Terms and Conditions are accepted.
The General Terms and Conditions only apply to third-party events held on the premises of the Mecklenburg State Theatre insofar as the General Terms and Conditions of the third-party organisers do not provide otherwise.


The current programme schedules and the starting times of the events can be found in the publications of the Mecklenburg State Theatre. Schedules are subject to change without notice. No liability is assumed for cast details and changes of performance.

Tickets are only valid for the printed performance. If a performance is cancelled, a replacement performance will be offered if less than 45 minutes of the performance were played at the time of cancellation or, if this is not possible for technical or other reasons, the ticket price will be refunded. This also applies to cancelled performances.

The Mecklenburg State Theatre offers open-air events such as the Schlossfestspiele Schwerin. The special atmosphere of the open-air events is appreciated by visitors from all over Europe. Most of our guests like to bear a certain weather risk. The Mecklenburg State Theatre therefore endeavours to perform the performance even when it rains. We therefore recommend our guests warm and rainproof clothing. Unfortunately, umbrellas are not allowed as they impair the view of other visitors. There may also be delays or interruptions at the start.

The Mecklenburg State Theatre makes every effort to inform visitors in good time of any cancellation, change or postponement of the performance.


The opening hours of the box office can be found in the regular publications of the Mecklenburg State Theatre. The box office can also be reached by telephone during opening hours. Tickets can be purchased directly at the box office, on the internet and by telephone. The Mecklenburg State Theatre reserves the right to limit the number of tickets sold per person. The box office usually opens 60 minutes before the start of the performance. Only tickets for the evening performance are sold at the box office and always close at the beginning of the performance.

The Mecklenburg State Theatre reserves the right to sell reserved tickets that have not been collected 30 minutes before the start of the performance.

The valid admission prices will be published by the Mecklenburg State Theatre. In principle, the published price tables apply. For special events, guest performances as well as events with seasonal demand and visitor groups of 20 persons or more, special prices may be fixed.

Reductions may be granted to pupils of general schools, trainees, students up to the age of 28, severely disabled persons from 80 % degree of disability and ALG II recipients when purchasing admission tickets. Holders of a valid Schwerin Card can purchase a 3.00 Euro ticket at the box office upon presentation of their identity card, with the exception of guest performances, special events and open-air events. Holders of the NDR Culture Card receive a 10% discount when purchasing at the box office. The existence of the corresponding prerequisite must be proven by suitable documents without being requested to do so. Guest performances, special and open-air events are excluded from the discount. The Mecklenburg State Theatre reserves the right to exclude discounts for events with seasonal demand.

Tickets already paid for can be returned or exchanged up to five working days before the day of the event for a fee of 5.00 euros per ticket. The refund will be in the form of a voucher. The processing fee will not be refunded. Tickets cannot be returned for performances on Christmas holidays (25th and 26th December), New Year's Eve and New Year's Day as well as for guest performances, special and open-air events.

If an event is rescheduled or cancelled, the customer has the choice of exchanging the ticket for a substitute event or demanding repayment of the ticket price. In this case, the admission ticket must be available at the point of sale where it was purchased no later than 14 days after the event is cancelled, stating the address and bank details. No payment will be made at the event box office. Processing fees and any costs incurred, e.g. hotel or travel expenses or similar, will not be refunded.
The Mecklenburg State Theatre or the organiser reserves the right to make changes to the programme and cast as well as to the starting time without this giving rise to a right of return for tickets already purchased.

Advance sales within the current season usually begin with the publication of the event. For the following season, advance booking for the published events begins at a time that is published separately by the Mecklenburg State Theatre. For guest performances, special and open-air events as well as for groups of 20 persons or more, different dates may be set for the start of advance sales.

Tickets can also be ordered by telephone up to a maximum of seven days before the respective performance day. A non-binding reservation is not possible. Once the provisional order has been confirmed, a deadline for payment will be sent. Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card. After expiry of the payment period the order will be cancelled automatically. Tickets ordered at short notice (from seven days before the event) will only be deposited at the event box office if payment has been made in advance by bank transfer or credit card. If tickets are not collected, there is no entitlement to compensation or reimbursement of the purchase price.

If the Mecklenburg State Theatre sends the buyer/subscriber tickets/subscription cards/vouchers on request, the buyer/subscriber bears the shipping risk. The processing and shipping fee is 3.00 Euro.

In the event of loss of the ticket, the Mecklenburgische Staatstheater is not obliged to pay compensation. If the visitor can prove or credibly prove which ticket was purchased, a replacement ticket can be issued. However, the holder of an original ticket has priority over the holder of a replacement ticket. The Mecklenburg State Theatre is not obliged to check whether the holder of the original ticket is the legal owner. The owner of the replacement ticket is neither entitled to an allocation of another seat nor to a refund of the purchase price.


Subscription contracts can be concluded at any time, even during the current season.
The remaining performance dates will be calculated pro rata.
The subscription includes a certain number of performances or concerts in the Grand House or another venue in each season, if this is expressly stated. The number of performances depends on the type of subscription chosen.

With the conclusion of the subscription contract, a specific subscription ring is determined which entitles the holder to attend the performances of this ring. As a rule, the rings are scheduled for a specific day of the week. The rented space is kept free on these dates.

During the season, the subscription contract can only be terminated or changed for good cause.

The total price or the first subscription rate (depending on the agreement) of the subscription is due on 30th September, the second rate on 28th February of the respective season. Payment is made by bank transfer or SEPA Direct Debit Mandate. Costs incurred due to insufficient bank account coverage and return of the direct debit by the bank must be billed.
In addition, the Mecklenburg State Theatre reserves the right to terminate the subscription contract extraordinarily and to dispose of the seat if the payment deadlines are not met.

We offer a special discount for severely disabled persons from 80 % of the degree of disability as well as pupils of general schools, trainees, students up to the age of 28 and ALG II recipients, deviating from the regular subscription price. Subscription series PA-1, NA-P and PA-EW are excluded. The existence of the corresponding prerequisite must be proven unsolicited by suitable documents when the contract is concluded and upon request when the theatre is visited.

If the subscriber is unable to attend a performance of his or her ring, it is possible to exchange it for another date, but only for the same work and until the end of the current season at the latest. There is no entitlement to a specific seat. The exchange fee of 2,00 Euro will be charged at the cash desk. The exchange voucher can only be printed once per production.

The performance dates and work titles as well as any changes to the subscription conditions and subscription prices for the following season will be notified in writing in good time before 31st May of the current season.
Correct postal addresses are required for this purpose and for necessary communications during the season, therefore changes to the data specified in the contract must be communicated immediately. This also applies to bank details ift is not terminated in writing by 31st May of the current season.
For youth and gift subscriptions, there is no automatic renewal of the contract.
From 1st to 30th June of the current season, requests for seat or ring changes as well as claims for special discounts for the following season can be registered. A personal agreement is required for this.

The Mecklenburg State Theatre reserves the right to change the selection of works and dates for important reasons. If possible, such changes will be communicated to the subscriber in advance or via local media.

If, for artistic reasons, there are no seats for subscribers, replacement seats will be provided.

The subscription pass will be sent in good time after the subscription contract has been concluded or at the new season. The subscription card contains the performance dates of the respective ring as well as the seat number and is valid as an admission ticket to the respective performances.


For the sake of other visitors and also in the interest of children, children up to the age of three are not allowed. Exceptions can be made for children's performances. Children are admitted with a valid theatre ticket.


For safety reasons and in consideration of the participating artists and other visitors, visitors can only be admitted to the auditorium at a suitable time after the start of an event and without claiming a seat. It is at the discretion of the admission staff whether and when access can be granted after the start of the event. The Mecklenburg State Theatre serves the right not to grant subsequent admission for selected events.


Cloakroom items such as coats, umbrellas, large bags and similar bulky items may not be taken into the auditorium, but must be left at the cloakroom. The cloakroom fee is included in the entrance fee. No liability is assumed for the cloakroom over and above the statutory claims. Cloakrooms that have been exchanged, damaged or lost as well as the loss of a cloakroom ticket must be reported immediately. Cloakrooms may only be returned without a cloakroom ticket if it has been shown that the visitor is the authorised recipient. If a cloakroom ticket is lost, we will have to charge you for the cost of the replacement, amounting to 10.00 euros.
Any objects found must be handed in to the admission staff or cloakroom attendants. The handling of lost property is governed by §§ 978 et seq. of the German Civil Code. BGB.


The Mecklenburg State Theatre exercises domestic authority in all its venues. The admission staff and cloakroom attendants, the cash desk staff and other persons commissioned to do so are also entitled to exercise this right. They can make house references and prohibitions or take other suitable measures within the scope of this house right. In particular, visitors may be expelled from performances if they disturb them, harass other visitors or have in any other and substantial way or repeatedly violated the terms of use.
Access may be refused if there is a reasonable suspicion that the visitor will disturb the performance or harass other visitors. The ticket price will not be refunded in such cases. The visitor may only occupy the seat shown on his ticket. If he has taken a seat for which he does not have a valid ticket, the Mecklenburg State Theatre may charge the difference or expel the visitor from the performance.

Food and drinks may not be taken into the auditorium or consumed there. In order to ensure that the performance runs smoothly, mobile telephones, electronic means of communication and information as well as acoustic or visual signaling devices in the auditorium must be switched off. Photography as well as the production of any kind of picture and sound recordings in the auditorium are strictly prohibited. Violations can be prosecuted under civil and criminal law. Smoking in the entire theatre and in all its events as well as the bringing along of animals with the exception of guide dogs for the blind is generally not permitted.


Claims for damages due to material damage and physical injury as well as claims due to breach of contractual obligations are excluded unless the Mecklenburgische Staatstheater or the organiser has acted with intent or gross negligence. The Mecklenburg State Theatre or the organiser accepts no liability for objects carried along.


The personal data of the ticket purchaser will be collected, processed, stored and used in compliance with data protection to the extent necessary for the execution of the contract. The Mecklenburg State Theatre is entitled to use the stored data for the purpose of customer service. The buyer consents to this by purchasing tickets or vouchers or by initiating business.


The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply. Place of performance is Schwerin. This also applies to the provision of ordered admission tickets.


Should individual provisions of this contract not or no longer comply with the applicable legal situation, be ineffective or unenforceable or become ineffective or unenforceable after conclusion of the contract, the effectiveness of the rest of the contract shall remain unaffected. The invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision whose effects come as close as possible to the economic objective pursued by the contracting parties with the invalid or unenforceable provision. The above provisions shall apply mutatis mutandis in the event that the contract proves to be incomplete.


These General Terms and Conditions apply from 1st June 2017.