Theaterfreunde e.V.

With more than 1,100 members, the "Gesellschaft der Freunde des Mecklenburgischen Staatstheaters Schwerin e. V.", founded on 4 March 1991, is one of the largest cultural associations in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The aim and purpose of the association is to preserve the theatre tradition in Schwerin for visitors from near and far, to promote the Mecklenburg State Theatre and to support its public relations work.

The Theatre Friends accompany the work of the Theatre, give suggestions and help financially with special projects such as the restoration of the historical jewellery curtain in 2000, the purchase of a valuable concert grand piano for the new concert foyer in 2002, the purchase of a new stage manager's desk for the Grand House in 2011 and the provision of funds for a celesta for the Mecklenburg Staatskapelle Schwerin.
Therefore the Bürgerstiftung der Theaterfreunde Schwerin was founded, the first civic foundation at a German theatre. In this way, the Theatre Friends want to encourage interested citizens, institutions and companies to participate in the further development of the theatre in the long term.

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