She was the pride of the sea and was considered to be technically perfect, but she sank on her first trip and dragged her thousand passengers down with her. The sinking of the "Titanic" on April 15, 1912 in the North Atlantic has stood for the burst of the dream of unlimited feasibility ever since. In the fatal collision of the giant ship that was considered unsinkable with the forces of nature still show 110 years after its launch, where the blind belief in progress, gigantomania, speed mania, greed for records and profits can lead to.

The musical, which won five Tony Awards, premiered on Broadway in 1997 and was enthusiastically celebrated worldwide, tells the whole story - from the embarkation in the port of Southhampton to the survivors' retrospective after the disaster. The fates of individual passengers and crew members stand out like highlights from the gigantic ensemble. All of them - from the stoker in the engine room to the first class - are united by unquenched longing and hope for a new future beyond the ocean. With moving love songs, gripping choral ensembles, swinging on-board music and a monumental orchestral sound, a stirring musical event is created around one of the greatest tragedies of modern times - touching, exciting and abysmally shocking!


Story and book by Peter Stone
Music and lyrics by Maury Yeston
German by Wolfgang Adenberg

Premiere: 11 June 2021

Musical Director Michael Ellis Ingram
Conductor Michael Ellis Ingram / Martin Schelhaas
Production Toni Burkhardt
Stage Set Wolfgang Kurima Rauschning
Costume Designer Adriana Mortelliti
Choreography Till Nau
Choral Rehearsal Daniel Kirchmann
Dramaturgy Peter Larsen
Directing Assistance Toni Deutsch, Emil Roijer
Stage Management Christina Hennigs
Rehearsal Prompt Geraldine Schramm
Ship´s Crew  
Captain E.J. Smith Ansgar Schäfer / Stephan Brauer
William Murdoch, 1st mate Marco Fahrland-Jadue / Simon Mehlich
Charles Lightoller, 2nd mate Erwin Belakowitsch / Marcus G. Kulp
Herbert Pitman, 3rd mate Martin Rönnebeck / Marcus G. Kulp
Frederick Barrett, stoker Dennis Weißert / Marcus G. Kulp
Harold Bride, radio operator Oliver Morschel / Christopher Wernecke
Frederick Fleet, lookout Konstantin Busack / Christopher Wernecke
Stevedore Stephan Brauer / Steven A. Novak
Robert Hitchens, helmsman Simon Mehlich / Jürgen Brehm
Joseph Boxhall, 4th mate Christopher Wernecke / Sven Mattke
Henry Etches, 1st steward Michael Ophelders / Gerald Michel
Andrew Latimer, 2nd steward Steven A. Novak
Bellboy Jürgen Brehm
Wallace Hartley (bandleader) Erwin Belakowitsch / Marcus G. Kulp
Bricoux, musician Simon Mehlich / Jürgen Brehm
Taylor, musician Christopher Wernecke / Jürgen Brehm
Mr. DaMico, dancer Steven A. Novak / Jürgen Brehm
Mrs. DaMico, dancer Maike Jacobs
1st Class Passengers  
Thomas Andrews, ship designer Max Niemeyer / Marcus G. Kulp
J. Bruce Ismay Marc Clear / Marcus G. Kulp
Isidor Straus  Sebastian Kroggel / Sven Mattke
Ida Straus Itziar Lesaka / Femke Soetenga
The Major Martin Rönnebeck / Marcus G. Kulp
Colonel John Jacob Astor Gerald Michel
Madeleine Astor Michaela Thurner
Benjamin Guggenheim Stephan Brauer
Mme. Léontine Aubert Maike Jacobs
John B. Thayer Franz Sieveke
Marion Thayer Daniela Sieveke
Jack Thayer Thies Lesaka Braun / Jarno Hoffmann / Clemens Koball
George Widener Reinhard Strey
Eleanor Widener Undine Labahn
Charlotte Drake Cordoza Eliza Kalcheva
J.H. Rogers Christopher Wernecke / Sven Mattke
Edith Corse Evans Marie-Luise Tosheva
2nd Class Passengers  
Edgar Beane Cornelius Lewenberg / Sven Mattke 
Alice Beane Femke Soetenga / Marion Wulf
Charles Clarke Paul Kroeger / Marcus G. Kulp
Caroline Neville Finja Harder / Maike Jacobs
3rd Class Passengers  
Kate McGowan Carmen Danen / Maike Jacobs
Kate Mullins Laura Saleh 
Kate Murphey Katrin Hübner / Michaela Thurner
Jim Farrell Nils Klitsch / Christopher Wernecke
1st Man Olaf Meißner
2nd Man André Schmidtke
4th Man Jaewon Kim
Irish Woman Marion Wulf
Italian Woman Kaori Okita
Italian Man Yonghwan Jeong
Czech Man Agim Kasumi
Opera Choir and Ballet Company of the Mecklenburg State Theatre
Mecklenburg State Orchestra Schwerin



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